Who We Are?

Who are We

Apex Trading & Services was established in 1999 in Beirut – Lebanon. It is owned and managed by a group of young and energetic businessmen from Lebanon. Apex is specialized in Electro-Mechanical works and dedicated to carry out supply of fueling equipment and systems to Retail Fuel Marketing Companies. Apex provides a complete set of high quality, reliable and robust products and equipment for the retail fuel marketing companies and represent major International fuel equipment & system suppliers.


The policy of the company is ensuring the quality of the products and services we supply to our customers is as follows:

  • The mission and the scope of company is to supply the customers with products of high quality and reliability.
  • The system we have adopted in order to ensure the quality is according to the international standards ISO 9002 – 1994.
  • The system is presented in the manual OPERATING PROCEDURES & WORKING ORDERS in which all procedures and working orders are written in details. All the working personnel in the company are aware of the content of the manual and follow these procedures and orders without deviations.
  • The supervising personnel is responsible for the adherence to the procedures by all personnel. It is also responsible for effectiveness of the procedures and for issuing revision to the existing or adding new procedures when necessary.
  • The success and effectiveness of quality control rests upon the mutual efforts of all working personnel. Therefore, the company demands the contribution of every sole person, independently of his position, in order to fulfill our mission.


At APEX we believe that a system based on principles of quality, safety, health and environmental protection guides our work. The respect and protection of our fellow employees in relation to the human resources aspect is our primary asset and is the necessary presupposition for continuous growth of our company and the perspective for personal progress of our employees.

The technological development in the field is a continuous temptation for us and the working personnel. We shall grant our employees continuous training and every mean for their adaptation to the new development.

Our everyday practice aims at preventing incidents, accidents and injuries to the personnel, to the customers, their employees and properties.

In order to achieve the above we have established a pleasant and safety working environment with complete training and necessary tools and equipment